Research team

Fanny Brun : PhD candidate

Fanny Brun

PhD candidate

Grenoble University

Fanny is a PhD candidate working at Grenoble University under the supervision of Patrick Wagnon and Etienne Berthier. She focuses on glacier mass balance using remote sensing techniques.

Pleun Bonekamp : PhD candidate

Pleun Bonekamp

PhD candidate

Universiteit Utrecht

Pleun is a PhD candidate at Utrecht University working on the ERC project "Climbing the Asian water tower". Under supervision of Walter Immerzeel she unravels Himalayan climate dynamics using atmospheric modelling. She possesses a master degree in “Meteorology, Physical Oceanography and Climate” obtained from IMAU (Utrecht University).

Dr Pascal Buri : Post-doctoral researcher

Dr Pascal Buri

Post-doctoral researcher

ETH Zürich

Pascal did a master in physical geography at University of Zurich focussing on glaciology. He is now working as a Post-doctoral reseacher on supraglacial ice cliffs on debris-covered glaciers and their contribution to mass balance and runoff. He tries to develop and connect physical models going from the very small to the glacier scale, linking in-situ measurements with remote sensing data.

Dr Emily Collier : Post doc

Dr Emily Collier

Post-doctoral researcher

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Emily is currently employed as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Erlangen where she works on climate variability in the high-mountain regions of East Africa and its impacts on glaciers. She has finished her PhD at the University of Alberta and has worked as a post doc at Utrecht University.

Dr Walter Immerzeel : Associate professor

Dr Walter Immerzeel

Associate professor

Universiteit Utrecht, FutureWater, ICIMOD

Walter works at Utrecht University as an associate professor. He has fifteen years of experience in geo-informatics, water resource management and climate change and is skilled in hydro-meteorological monitoring, the use of remote sensing, simulation models and spatial analysis and he has been doing research on Himalayan hydrology since 2002.

Dr Remco de Kok : Post-doctoral researcher

Dr Remco de Kok

Post-doctoral researcher

Universiteit Utrecht

Remco is a Postdoc at Utrecht University working on the climate of High Mountain Asia for the ERC project "Climbing the Asian water tower". He has an MSc in aerospace engineering and a PhD in planetary physics from Oxford University. He has more than 10 years of experience in remote sensing and modelling of planetary atmospheres.

Dr Philip Kraaijenbrink : Post-doctoral researcher

Dr Philip Kraaijenbrink

Post-doctoral researcher

Universiteit Utrecht

Philip did a master in physical geography with a focus on remote sensing, geographical information systems and geostatistics. He has a heart for object-based image analyses, climate data and Google Earth Engine. He obtained a cum laude PhD degree at Utrecht University in 2018 for his research of debris-covered glaciers with unmanned aerial vehicles and the development of large scale (debris-covered) glacier model.

Dr Arthur Lutz : Hydrologist

Dr Arthur Lutz



Arthur is a physical geographer with a solid background in hydrology, hydrological modelling, GIS and remote sensing. His expertise includes (glacio)hydrological modelling at the large river basin scale to the small catchment scale and assessment of the impact of climate change in the high mountain environment.

Dr Evan Miles : Post-doctoral researcher

Dr Evan Miles

Post-doctoral researcher

University of Leeds

Evan has degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Physical Hydrology, and recently obtained a PhD at the Scott Polar Research Institute. His PhD research was focused on the energy balance and spatiotemporal dynamics of supraglacial ponds on debris-covered glaciers, integrating fieldwork, numerical modeling, and remote sensing to understand their interaction with glacier melt processes. At the moment he is employed as post-doc at University of Leeds where he works on englacial hydrology of glaciers in the Khumbu.

Dr Silvan Ragettli : Post doc

Dr Silvan Ragettli

Environmental Engineer


Silvan studied environmental engineering at ETH Lausanne and completed a PhD at ETH Zurich. The focus of his dissertation was on modeling the climate change impact on the hydrology of mountainous catchments. He is an expert in runoff and flood prediction, and has interests in modeling glacier and snow cover changes and associated impacts on water resources.

Dr Joseph Shea : Glacier hydrologist

Dr Joseph Shea

Glacier hydrologist

Joseph is a glacier hydrologist who has worked on glacier and hydro-meteorological studies in the Canadian Rockies, the southern Coast Mountains, and the Himalayas. His current research focuses on snow and ice melt processes and glacier contributions to streamflow, and he is slowly learning the ukulele.

Jakob Steiner : PhD candidate

Jakob Steiner

PhD candidate

Universiteit Utrecht

Jakob did his MSc at ETH Zürich and worked at the consultancy HydroSolutions ltd., focusing on the climatic characteristics of debris-covered glaciers as well as ice cliff formation and development, and hydrological modelling. Currently he is a PhD candidate at Utrecht University working on the ERC project "Climbing the Asian water tower" supervised by Walter Immerzeel.

Emmy Stigter : PhD candidate

Emmy Stigter

PhD candidate

Universiteit Utrecht

Emmy focuses on Himalayan catchment hydrology as a PhD candidate in the "Hi-Cycle" VIDI project of Walter Immerzeel. She did a master in hydrology at Utrecht University and took courses at the University Centre in Svalbard to learn about glaciology, snow and avalanche dynamics. Her master research was about climate sensitivity of snow water equivalent and snow melt runoff in the Langtang catchment in Nepal.

Dr Patrick Wagnon : Glaciologist

Dr Patrick Wagnon



Patrick is a glaciologist from the Institute for Research and Development in France (IRD-Grenoble) and has been working at ICIMOD as a long-term visiting scientist (2012-16). He has twenty years of experience in glaciology on Alpine, Andean and Himalayan glaciers (mass and energy balance). He has been doing research on Indian and Nepalese glaciers since 2002.

René Wijngaard : Hydrologist

René Wijngaard



René is a hydrologist with a strong background in catchment hydrology, hydro-climatological modelling, and programming. He received his MSc degree in Water Science and Management and did his graduation internship at the alpS Centre for Climate Change Adaptation, Innsbruck, Austria, where he investigated the effects of future climate change on the hydrological response of glacierized catchments in the Ötztal, Austria. Currently he is working as hydrologist at FutureWater, working on projects that focus on the impacts of climate change on (mountainous) catchments.

Special thanks goes out to the following people for their contributions to our research, help at fieldwork or the provision of photos:

  • Eduarto Soteras
  • Steven de Jong
  • Marc Bierkens
  • Niko Wanders
  • Lene Petersen
  • Martin Heynen
  • Simon Wicki
  • Allen Pope
  • Sander Meijer
  • Fionna Heuff
  • Waqar Ali
  • Muhummad Atif Wazir
  • Arun Shrestha
  • Pradeep Mool