Future of Asia’s glaciers

Interactive story map about the results of our study on the future mass loss of Asia's glaciers 

Himalayan Water Towers

Follow our journey in this documentary, and learn about glaciers, impacts of the 2015 earthquake in Nepal and the innovative ways we conduct research 

Modeling the future

Series of documentaries on the motive, aims, methods and results of individual researchers of our Mountain Hydrology Group 

Monitoring Himalayan Glaciers

This documentary shows our collaborative research programme with ICIMOD and ETH Zurich 

Moving Mountains

Moving Mountains: a short AMMODO documentary about our research 

Snow and ice research

Documentary by ICIMOD about our work on snow and ice in the Himalaya, and their hydrological relevance and impact 

Water Tower Index

Interactive map created by National Geographic about our Water Tower Ranking study 

Water, from NL to HMA

Our most recent documentary in which the team is followed in their quest to answer questions in the mountain hydrology domain