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Glacio-hydrology of the Bhagirathi Basin

Modelling streamflow and investigating the glacio-hydrological components of in the Bhagirathi sub-basin.  

High Mountain Groundwater

Investigating the impacts on groundwater of the quickly changing cryosphere in the high mountains  

High mountain mass movements

Understanding the impact of changing cryosphere on debris flows and mass movements in high mountain environments  

Save the tiger! Save the grasslands! Save the water!

Understanding the hydrology of the mountainous Karnali catchment under climate and land use changes  


Science to support the SDGs and sustainable water management in the transboundary Indus river basin.  

Tibetan Lakes

Understand the drivers of change of the lakes on the Tibetan Plateau  

Lidwien Smit

We must take action to safeguard livelihoods for current and future generations.
"7 of 8 globally quantified safe and just Earth system boundaries and at least two regional safe and just ESBs in over half of global land area are already exceeded." 🌍🌊🌳…