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Climbing the Asian Water Tower

Identify and quantify regional differences in greater Himalayan glacio-hydrology and to elucidate climate change induced alterations in water availability and the occurrence of extreme precipitation events.  

Closing the Himalayan Water Cycle

To elucidate and quantify the timing and magnitude of poorly understood components of the Himalayan water cycle with a particular focus on high altitude precipitation, glacier dynamics and snow processes  

Glacio-hydrology of the Bhagirathi Basin

Modelling streamflow and investigating the glacio-hydrological components of in the Bhagirathi sub-basin.  


Study westerly-monsoon interaction in Pan-Third Pole region and its implications for the environment  


Science to support the SDGs and sustainable water management in the transboundary Indus river basin.  

Tibetan Lakes

Understand the drivers of change of the lakes on the Tibetan Plateau