Pranisha Pokhrel

PhD candidate

Pranisha has a background in Civil Engineering specialising in Hydropower and with four years of experience working in Nepal’s Hydropower sector, she is passionate about water resources. Pursuing a master’s at IHE Delft, the Netherlands focused on Hydrology and Water resource further fueled her research interest and now she is continuing her academic journey as a PhD candidate. Her current research focuses on the impact of climate and land use changes on water availability in the mountainous Karnali catchment of Nepal (Work Package 3 for the project SaveTheTiger!). She is particularly interested in understanding how these changes affect discharge in the floodplain and identifying the drivers behind them. This project is personally fascinating to her because it involves studying a remote catchment in Nepal where research has been very limited.

As part of her past works, she has been involved in the hydrological analysis of several basins in Nepal for hydropower generation which involves modelling and statistical analysis. She has also worked as an intern at Waternet, a water supply company in Amsterdam during her master’s to research the Managed Aquifer Recharge system for drinking water production.