Mountain Hydrology goes to Vienna!

From April 23-28, 2023, the European Geophysical Union (EGU) General Assembly took place in Vienna, Austria. This conference brought together over 15,000 scientists, either physically or virtually, to present their latest research. Among them were four members of the mountain hydrology group, who shared their ongoing research on various topics related to hydrological modeling, hydropower development, and hazards in High Mountain Asia.

On Wednesday morning, Pranisha presented her early findings from her Ph.D. project on hydrological modeling in the Karnali basin in Central Nepal. Later in the session, Caroline discussed her efforts in groundwater modeling in the Langshisha sub-basin in the Langtang valley. On Thursday, Sanita presented a virtual poster on sustainable hydropower development in the Upper Indus basin, and on the final day of the conference, Varya presented a poster on the spatial distribution of debris flow hazard in High Mountain Asia using machine learning.

Fig 1. Pranisha giving a talk about her work in the Karnali basin

Fig 2. Caroline discussing the challenges in simulating surface water-groundwater interactions in the Langshisha basin

Fig 3. Varya presenting her work on classifying dominant controls on mass movement in High Mountain Asia.

An additional reason to attend EGU this year was to celebrate the accomplishments of two of our colleagues. Prof. Dr. Mark Bierkens, a long-time collaborator of the mountain hydrology group, received the Darcy Medal for his research on surface and groundwater supply depletion related to human uses and climate change. Tjalling de Haas, Varya’s co-supervisor, received the Arne Richter Award for Outstanding Early Career Scientists.

In addition to attending presentations, the group spent time catching up with colleagues over lunch, discussing new collaboration ideas in between sessions, and exploring the beautiful city of Vienna.

Fig 4.  First time EGU attendee Carole and Pranisha enjoying the sunshine during lunch breaks
and taking in the beautiful Vienna architecture.

To see more details on the presentations:

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