Paper published in Advances in Water Resources

The following paper is now available online:

Ragettli, S., Pellicciotti, F., Immerzeel, W., Miles, E., Petersen, L., Heynen, M., Shea, J., Stumm, D., Joshi, S., Shrestha, A. (2015). Unraveling the hydrology of a Himalayan catchment through integration of high resolution in situ data and remote sensing with an advanced simulation model. Advances in Water Resources (78). 94-111.

The highlights of the paper are:

  • Model and multiple source data required to unravel Himalayan hydrology
  • Debris thickness can be reconstructed using UAV data and the energy balance
  • Similar magnitude of modeled debris-covered and debris-free glacier mass balances
  • Avalanches play a significant role in runoff generation
  • Most important contributors to total runoff are snowmelt (40%) and rainfall (34%)