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Paper published in Advances in Water Resources

The following paper is now available online:

Ragettli, S., Pellicciotti, F., Immerzeel, W., Miles, E., Petersen, L., Heynen, M., Shea, J., Stumm, D., Joshi, S., Shrestha, A. (2015). Unraveling the hydrology of a Himalayan catchment through integration of high resolution in situ data and remote sensing with an advanced simulation model. Advances in Water Resources (78). 94-111.

The highlights of the paper are:

  • Model and multiple source data required to unravel Himalayan hydrology
  • Debris thickness can be reconstructed using UAV data and the energy balance
  • Similar magnitude of modeled debris-covered and debris-free glacier mass balances
  • Avalanches play a significant role in runoff generation
  • Most important contributors to total runoff are snowmelt (40%) and rainfall (34%)

UAV workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal

Utrecht University together with ICIMOD, FutureWater and Kathmandu University organized a successful workshop in Kathmandu titled “Glacier monitoring in the Himalayas using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles” . In the morning a broad overview was presented of potential applications of UAVs in different fields with a particular focus on glaciological applications. In the afternoon a successful demonstration was conducted on the cricket pitch of Tribhuvan University. The workshop was attended by representatives of the Department for International Development, the army, the police, the civil aviation authority and universities.



Group photo of the workshop attendees



Raw image taken by the UAV during the demo flight (2.5 cm resolution)



Orthomosaic of the Kirtipur Cricket ground made from the images captured during the demo flight


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